Content marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach potential clients, generating three times as many leads while costing 62 percent less than traditional outbound marketing.

One form of content marketing that’s become very popular for businesses is blogging. Maintaining a corporate blog is almost essential any company these days.

Despite the importance of blogging, companies are still struggling to figure out how to maximize its impact. Here are three of the most common blogging mistakes companies make and how you can make sure to avoid them.


1. Inconsistent blog contributions

Consistency matters a lot in content marketing and blogging.

A consistent approach to blogging helps foster a more trustworthy relationship between the client and company. A study conducted by McKinsey & Company of 27,000 Americans discovered “a consistent customer experience across the entire customer journey increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust.”

So what’s the magic number in how often a company should blog?

HubSpot found that companies who posted 16 or more times per month (roughly once every two days) received almost 3.5X more website traffic than companies that posted 0-4 times per month.

Consistency may not sound sexy, but it could make the difference in setting your company apart from its competitors.

2. Too much focus on the company

Promotional content is appropriate in certain scenarios, but rarely should it appear in a company blog. Unfortunately, many businesses do just that. They fill their blog with only heavy promotional content and it becomes an extension of the company brochure rather than a vessel to establish the company as a thought leader in the industry.

Instead of speaking solely on the company’s specific products or services, use the blog to discuss hot-button industry topics.

Weave the value proposition of your product into blog posts about big-picture issues. This will help point prospects to your product without being too pushy and in their face. By taking this approach, your blog will become much more credible, and as a result, prospects will view your company as knowledgeable and trustworthy.

3. Ignoring blog content promotion

Distributing blog posts is just as important to a company’s content marketing strategy as creating the actual blog posts themselves

If a company fails to promote and distribute blog posts after they’re written, will anyone see them? Those blog posts aren’t going to promote themselves! Subscribers to the blog will likely catch the new post, but the potential audience will be dramatically reduced.

Once the blog post is written and posted on the website, the hard work is far from over. Whether it’s through an email blast or exhausting every single corporate social media account, the key to generating traffic — and potential leads — lies in promoting the blog content.

For starters, try Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ for your social media promotion. Not only does this promote your blog content to the masses, but it gives your company an opportunity to engage with readers and potential clients.

Promotion may seem like a simple task, but it’s often one that either is overlooked or undervalued by companies.